Vinspec Solar VCOFLC1 camera

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Vitronic has released the Vinspec Solar VCOFLC1 camera system that enables exact and reliable front print and colour inspection of solar cells.

The new Vinspec Solar VCOFLC1 camera system combines front print and colour inspection, and performs exact and reliable quality inspection and cell classification. The camera is easy to operate and calibrate, and is reliable and robust at competitive pricing. Vitronic provides a standard calibration tool to define the colour classes and borderlines. Even if several cell testers have to be operated and tool matching is required, the set up process only needs to be carried out once and the classification rules can be copied to all other testers.

The inspection system can be used for both mono and multicrystalline silicon cells. Its throughput achieves more than 2,400 cells per hour and the sorting pureness is higher than 99.8 per cent. The sensor box consists of a colour line scan camera with four 4,096-pixel lines, a white LED illumination module, a backlight and a computing subsystem. The software, developed by Vitronic, provides automated, fast tool calibration and tool matching, a graphical user interface comprising yield control tools for rapid intervention and process adjustments, statistics, and visualisation of all quality relevant features of current and recently tested cells.