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Vitronic's Vinspec is an image processing system that can inspect and read sealing caps on all sides. A single sensor is able to produce a high-resolution image of the complete sealing cap including the lateral circumference. In this case, the costly and time-consuming mechanical turning of the containers is eliminated.

This development by Vitronic combines different inspection tasks into one system: it checks cap colours that are specific to certain types, controls the flanging with respect to colour and quality, monitors the correct seat of a seal and, if so required, verifies lettering and codes on the outer surface.

The sensor is integrated into the system directly above the conveyor belt. At a throughput of up to 10 items per second, the sensor records an image of the complete seal or cap without having to mechanically turn the container. In this case, the sensor not only records the upper side of the container or seal, but also the circumference. In order to achieve this with a conventional optical system, it would be necessary to install at least two cameras. One camera would have to be arranged above the conveyor belt and another camera would have to be arranged laterally. In addition, the containers would have to be turned in order to obtain this all-around inspection. A computer would then have to calculate and eliminate the overlapping regions in order to obtain a 360° image. This procedure is eliminated with the utilisation of Vinspec image processing system. Vinspec can be easily integrated into the system and quickly adapted to different items to be inspected. Items with a cap diameter between 10 and 35mm can be inspected without complicated modifications.

All Vitronic image processing systems can be validated based on the GAMP-qualification packet: basis for quality control in the manufacture of products in the medical and pharmaceutical branch.


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