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Vitus Smart body scanner

Vitronic has developed the Vitus Smart body scanner, which generates an accurate 3D image of a person during a scan of only 12 seconds.

The body scanner is used for manufacturing tailor-made garments, collecting anthropometric data for medicine and orthopaedics, assessing occupational groups, and in support and training for athletes, as well as providing raw data for virtual reality projects. This broad application spectrum is made possible by the scanner's high accuracy, proven in studies, and its performance.

Vitus Smart has a point density of up to 27 points per cubic centimetre to deliver highly accurate data and minimise hidden surfaces during the scan. In addition, the process is robust enough to cope with different coloured clothing or striking textures.

Vitronic, in cooperation with Human Solutions, presents a complete package with the hardware and software for specific applications.


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