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VEGA2H ANPR system

Tattile has released the VEGA2H Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. The system contains a colour camera for capturing single images or recording video streams to provide an overview of the context, not only of the licence plate. This is important for video surveillance of vehicles. 

The system is composed of a digital unit with two CCDs (black and white for licence plate recognition and colour for context overview), an analyser and an IR illuminator.

The system recognises up to 30 plates per second at a distance of 4-25m. It runs a black and white plate list (allowed and not allowed vehicles), uses a 16GB SD memory card, and features network connection by Ethernet port.

JPEG, BMP and RAW image formats are available and VEGA2H also records dynamic colour streaming video in H.264 format. The set-up and the configuration of this unit are controlled by an easy-to-use web browser.

The VEGA2H is suited to access control, automatic tolling, parking systems security, logistic control, airport and harbour control. The system is also useful in crime prevention due to its colour camera.


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