X-See miniature monoscope

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Senso Optics, a leader in the design, development and production of innovative thermal imaging technologies, commercial avionics, and advanced electro-optical solutions for military, paramilitary and security markets both in Israel and around the world, introduces the X-SEETM. The X-SEETM is an advanced new generation of All-Weather Thermal Miniature Mono-Scope, based on Senso-Optics' "Camera-On-Chip" (ASIC) technology, which has been introduced recently. The X-SEETM feature miniature and light-weight design, superior image quality, and ease of use.

In the past, military and law enforcement agencies used to have night vision goggles on their helmets, which were based on image intensifier tube. Since these devices amplify every single photon which hits the tube, they were sensitive to dazzle. As well as, image intensifier tubes do not enable recognition of figures which hidden behind trees or other objects in full darkness. Thermal imagers are not sensitive to dazzle, and can detect hot bodies, thus enable recognition of figures in full darkness, even if they hide behind rocks or trees. Therefore, today more and more military and law enforcements equipped the soldiers with thermal scopes. Senso-Optics' new X-SEE™ is an advanced thermal imager for the solider, Search & Rescue experts and homeland security (HLS) operators, and is a perfect modern replacement solution for AN/PVS-14 Night-Vision device, with unmatched night D.R.I ranges.

The X-SEE™ is designed to be used by the "Future/Digital Dismounted Soldier" as a Hand-Held or Helmet mounted miniScope.

X-SEE™ is the lightest and smallest thermal monoscope in the market, with dimensions as small as 110L X 38W X 57H mm. Featuring an Un-cooled bolometer with 640480, 17micron pixel pitch resolution, and best sensitivity (NETD), the X-SEE™ offers superior image quality for day/night/all-Weather operations.

The X-SEE™ has X1 magnification, 31.2º H x 23.4º V Field of View (FOV). The Viewfinder incorporate miniature display (OLED) with SVGA (800X600) resolution.

Low power consumption enables up to 10 (!) hours of work with only 2 lithium batteries. "X-SEE™ provides an outstanding image quality within a small Size, light-Weight and low Power (SWAP), with special features and extended operating time and performance system" says Jacob Dagan - President & CEO of Senso Optics. "Special care was taken for quantities and life cycle costs (e.g. consume of batteries etc.), Man-Machine interface (GUI), ease of use and handling features."