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EVOS system for railroad and shipping

EVT introduces the new EVOS system for the reading and evaluation of container numbers for the railroad and shipping traffic. The system consists of a compact processor unit, which is based on an ARM Technology and the EVOS reading and evaluation software with integrated SQL database. Therefore the system can save and archive not only data but also images of several million containers.

EVOS Container Track is not only easy to install but due to prefabricated profiles it can also be easily adapted to applications in the carrying trade. Even under bad lighting conditions the EVOS software can read every number on the containers in no time at all.

The container numbers allows for the definite identification of railway or shipping freight. The numbers carry important key data for the railroad and shipping traffic. They build a collective language between e.g. railway company, infrastructure operators and the respective public authorities.

The EVOS system is reading, saving and processing the container numbers in a fast sequence. Additionally EVOS can be integrated into any vehicle identification system, which needs an automatic OCR recognition.

Also the EVOS Container Track system can either work autonomously or can be operated directly by the user by connecting monitor, keyboard and mouse to the small processor.

The EVOS Basic Container Track processing unit is built upon a QuadCore ARM processor. The advantage is that with a QuadCore system the reading takes place within a few milliseconds after the capture of the image. Therefore ensuing processes can be initiated quite easily in almost no time.

The EVOS processing unit is only a small box with the measurements 100 x 100 x 50 mm. Additionally EVOS is delivered either with a 32 or 64 GByte drive. The unit supports up to 128 cameras, which are connected via Ethernet.

The configuration possibilities and the possible components of the EVOS Train Track are manifold.


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