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Uniiqa+ line scan cameras

e2v, the leading imaging solutions provider, today announced the introduction of the UNiiQA+ PoCL camera family, offering affordable, flexible and simple high speed line scan solutions to the automation world.

The UNiiQA+ camera series provides a line scan solution of unmatched simplicity at the best price versus performance ratio. This broad range of cameras also offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ solution at multiple price points in order to accommodate any performance requirement and budget.

Thanks to e2v’s exclusive CMOS image sensor technology, the UNiiQA+ is available across the full resolution range from 0.5k to 16k pixels and in speeds of up to 100KHz in both colour and monochrome. The 5µm pixel pitch sensor enables the UNiiQA+ to stand as the most compact line scan camera on the market today and to be C-mount compatible at any resolution up to 4k pixels.

The UNiiQA+ also challenges existing line scan camera standards by bringing versatile multi resolution models to machine vision OEMs. This simplifies their supply chain and improves the modularity of their equipment, enabling a faster time-to-market for new products, with little additional investment.

Francois Thouret, President of Professional Imaging at e2v commented, “Launched as a complementary offer to our high-end ELiiXA+ line scan camera series, the UNiiQA+ range now offers more camera choice to support applications that require both entry-level performance and high speed. We expect that the UNiiQA+ will bring a long term competitive advantage to our customers in their markets and also broaden line scan imaging to new applications.”

Typical applications for the camera include: on-line quality control and inspection of plastics, films, glass, paper, non-woven materials and wood. Other applications include: food sorting, barcode reading and microscopy.

The camera is also available from Alrad Imaging in the UK. 


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