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Aviiva 2

e2v has introduced two latest generation CCD sensors for the Aviiva 2 camera range, with 512 pixel and 1,024 pixel resolution. With these new sensors, e2v's Aviiva 2 line scan camera family now extends from 512 pixels up to 4,096 pixels, with Camera Link and GigE Vision interfaces.

The Aviiva 2 family feature 68dB dynamic range, high responsivity of 164 DN/(nJ/cm2) at minimum gain, competing directly with dual line sensors, and an extremely low level of Pixel Response Non Uniformity (PRNU) that does not exceed 3 per cent. The sensors can be operated through a Camera Link interface at a pixel rate of 80MHz using 2 taps or at a pixel rate of 160MHz using 4 taps. A GigE Vision interface is also available with advanced GPIO and features fast line rates.


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