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e2v has launched the new Eliixa range of industrial inspection cameras. The multilinear camera contains 4,096 pixels with a row spacing of just two pixels (centre to centre). It produces images at a line rate of 18KHz with enhanced blue response.

The camera provides a high modulation transfer function. The camera can be flexibly positioned. While in quadrilinear versions (RGB plus a fourth line, either monochrome or NIR) the camera provides an all-in-one approach, replacing a two camera system made of a conventional colour camera and a monochrome or near infra-red (NIR) camera.

The EliiXA camera is suited to web inspection (such as printing or currency), surface inspection (printed circuit board, wood, tiles), scanning (high-end document processing, film scanning, postal sorting) and food inspection.

The ELIIXA cameras will be available in three versions; one trilinear version (RGB), and two quadrilinear. Each version will be available in full pixel rate (320 MHz) and in half pixel rate (160 MHz).


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