Ultrasonic Smart Lens

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FLIR Systems has announced an expanded range of Ultrasonic Smart Lens (12, 25, 50, 100, 200mm focal length) for its research-grade X6000sc Series thermal imaging cameras.

Ultrasonic Smart Lens technology (USL) is a unique FLIR technology, available for X6000sc cameras, that has been demonstrated to provide exceptional results for low contrast thermal imaging applications where the optimal focus is difficult to find.

USL technology allows the user to remotely adjust the lens focus. Patented FLIR algorithms enhance the speed at which the lenses operate, as well as improving positioning accuracy. A temperature probe is integrated in USL lens to provide unmatched measurement accuracy and drift compensation. This enables fast and precise autofocusing and improved measurement of the temperature of low contrast targets.

FLIR Systems X6000sc Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity. They are ideal for Scientists and R&D professionals that are working on the most demanding applications. All FLIR’s knowledge is concentrated in this full featured, yet compact camera, providing ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements. State-of-the-art connectivity and ease of use allow the user to concentrate on the experiment and not on the camera.