UK Industrial Vision Association welcomes new members

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The UK Industrial Vision Association (UKIVA) is pleased to welcome three new members, Allied Vision, Laetus GmbH and Optel Vision. Allied Vision designs and manufactures a wide range of digital cameras in Germany and Canada with an extensive choice of resolutions, frame rates, and spectral sensitivities. It has been delivering imaging solutions to a wide variety of industries including industrial inspection, medical and scientific imaging and traffic monitoring for 25 years. With 300 employees and representation in more than 30 countries, Allied Vision can provide expert advice, engineering, manufacturing and support for digital cameras, their peripherals and their integration into machine vision systems.

Laetus is a world leading supplier of quality and security inspection systems and complete track & trace solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics and FMCG industries. Founded in 1974, Laetus provides solutions for comprehensive vision inspection in the packaging process, ranging from simple code reading and print control of information such as text and images up to the fill control for blisters and the inspection of various product features and properties. Track & trace solutions range from preconfigured pack handling systems for the serialisation of folded boxes to serialisation and multi-level aggregation on various packaging lines with integration into higher-level business IT solutions of global pharmaceutical corporations.

Track and trace also forms an important part of Canada-based Optel Vision’s business. Their track and trace modules provide a solution that meets and surpasses the current serialization legislation and is also very flexible to adapt to all upcoming regulations.  With a strong and continuous R&D investment year after year, and more than 25 years of expertise, Optel Vision also delivers a wide range of packaging inspection solutions. These cover verification of tablets and capsules on any forming material used on blister packaging lines; inspection and rejection systems for use with tablets, capsules and softgels on electronic counter machines; verification of labels, cartons, and cases and the inspection capabilities for cap, crimp, rubber stopper, label, and fill level of vials.