KAE-04471 image sensor

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New at Framos: ON Semiconductor’s KAE-04471 Interline Transfer EMCCD Image Sensor for Excellent Picture Quality in Extreme Low Light Applications.

The KAE-04471 image sensor by ON Semiconductor provides exceptional imaging performance, both in extreme low light applications and in direct sunlight. The new 4.4 Megapixel Interline Transfer EMCCD sensor features high dynamic range coupled with very low image noise and is available at the imaging expert, FRAMOS. Applications operating both in extreme darkness and in variable light conditions mostly benefit the Military and Defense, ITS, Surveillance, Scientific and Medical Imaging sectors.

The square 4/3” sensor features both Interline Transfer and Electron Multiplying, that combine these two successful imaging techniques to enable advanced ultra-low light applications that require extreme sensitivity at fast frame rates. The KAE-04471 sensor achieves a dynamic range of 72 dB and a low readout noise of under 10 rms in normal mode. A dynamic range of 92 dB and a readout noise of under 1 rms can be achieved using the Intra-Scene switchable gain feature. The improved pixel size of 7.4 µm compared to the 5.5 µm pixel size in the existing KAE-02150, results in a higher sensitivity and similar to daylight images produced in extreme low light. The aforementioned features provide an outstanding image quality with excellent image uniformity and MTF, with very little image irregularity. Depending on the intensity of the incident light, pixel readout is routed through either the regular CCD output, or the electron multiplier. This mode of selection enables both focused and high contrast imaging in a variety of light applications, like direct sunlight, or low light night scenes. 

Sibel Yorulmaz-Cokugur from Framos highlights the unique qualities of KAE-04471, “ON Semiconductor is the only sensor producer to offer Interline Transfer EMCCD technology and sensor sensitivity ranging from 0.002 lux in the sub-lux range to direct sunlight at 10,000 lux. With very good image quality, ON Semiconductors KAE-04471 provides an excellent low light performance where other sensors reach their limits. The sensor is specially designed for the use in varying light applications for surveillance in Military & Defense, Intelligent Traffic Systems, as well as in Scientific and Medical applications.”