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TS-IR infrared camera

Telops has launched the TS-IR, an IP67-rated infrared camera. The TS-IR is available in multiple configurations including midwave, longwave, and very longwave. The ability to customise the instrument has been integrated into the camera’s design.

With its sealed enclosure and rugged design, the TS-IR is suitable for use in harsh environments. An optional Thermography Package enhances the camera’s ease of use by offering Telops' real-time temperature calibration algorithm, which provides either raw or thermally calibrated data in real-time without any need for external blackbodies.

This package also includes automatic exposure control (to adjust the exposure time according to the scene's dynamic temperature variations), enhanced dynamic range imaging (to cover extended scene temperature ranges), WiFi data transfer, internal memory, and more. These options allow the TS-IR cameras to be customised to meet very specific applications.


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