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TEL-1000 infrared camera

Telops, specialists in hyperspectral imagery, has launched the TEL-1000, an addition to its innovative line of cooled infrared cameras.

The TEL-1000 is available in three different configurations; mid-wave, covering the 3 to 5μm range, long-wave, covering the 8 to 11μm range and very long-wave, covering the 7.7 to 11.8μm range. Like its predecessors, the FAST-IR 1000 and the HD-IR 1280, performance, ease of use and the ability to customise the instrument have been integrated into the camera's design.

The TEL-1000 features a real-time temperature calibration algorithm, providing either raw or thermally calibrated data in real-time without any need for external blackbodies. The camera can also be equipped with automatic exposure control in order to adjust the exposure time according to the scene's dynamic temperature variations. These options allow the cameras to be customised to meet very specific applications.


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