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Fast-IR 2K series

Telops’ FAST-IR 2K series includes the fastest infrared cameras available on the market. They are specifically designed for the thermal analysis of dynamic events. The FAST-IR 2K infrared cameras, with its rapid frame rates, allow high-speed thermal imaging with an impressive temporal resolution. It can be used for a variety of imaging applications including combustion analysis (ignition sparks analysis, gas droplets or combustion ignition analysis via the visualization of hydrocarbons, CO2, etc.) or for studies of thermodynamic processes involved in explosions.

The FAST-IR 2K infrared camera comes with an InSb detector (also as MCT available), which covers the spectral range from 3 to 5.4 μm (optional 1.5 - 5.4 μm). In its full spectral resolution (320 x 256 pixels), this high-speed IR camera provides more than 1900 frames per second, which can be increased up to 90000 fps in sub-window mode (64 x 4 pixels). Thus, this high performance, scientific, infrared camera is designed to capture and analyze fast dynamic events to provide detailed infrared information.


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