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TimeBench analysis software

Optronis has released a new version of its TimeBench analysis software for its industrial high-speed cameras.

The software was developed primarily for camera systems in the imaging segment (CR series) in order to analyse errors in processes, for instance, or obtain data for repairs. The basic features of the software have been expanded with further tools, including a web service that enables measurements on test benches to be automated.

TimeBench’s web service allows a variety of devices such as Smartphones, other computers, or iPads to be connected to the host PC on which TimeBench is installed. This gives the user web-based access to TimeBench locally using the integrated devices, allowing recordings in industrial systems or test benches to be controlled from any location. This means, for example, that quality assurance staff can run analyses and control the camera in production, trigger and save data directly from the workstation. Alternatively, maintenance operations by local personnel can be analysed directly by connected staff in the office.

The new release of TimeBench is included in the purchase price of every imaging camera (CR camera) sold by Optronis. Basic installation requires a standard PC with the recommended operating systems MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7.

For precise analysis, TimeBench already offers distance, angle and speed analyses as well as simple project management.


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