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OptoScope SC-10 streak cameras

Optronis has released its OptoScope SC-10 streak cameras with noise suppression that has been improved by a factor of approximately 1,000. The camera retains its temporal resolution of two picoseconds.

The background noise can be suppressed with varying degrees of efficiency at several points of the measuring system. Optronis has resolved this problem for its OptoScope streak cameras by integrating the electro-optical shutter as part of the sensor at the very front. This technology prevents the electro-optical conversion of undesired signals and improves suppression by a factor of around 1,000.

A further improvement in noise suppression has already been achieved with the prevention of direct penetration of the light without electro-optical conversion. The electro-optical shutter works at an image refresh rate of up to 2,000Hz with an opening time of at least two microseconds.


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