CamPerform camera

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Optronis has introduced a 3 megapixel CoaXPress camera ideal for integrating into 3D measuring machines and 3D test instruments. The camera from the CamPerform inline series is fitted with a coaxial cable and offers a maximum frame rate of 170,000 frames per second.

At the highest sensor resolution of 1,696 x 1,710 pixels, the 3 megapixel CoaXPress camera delivers 540fps. For recording with 3D measuring systems, totally different frame rates are required since the image data of several images in succession is needed in order to calculate in 3D. The faster the camera, the more 3D information can be combined in one overall result or calculated in the same period. One special feature of the 3 megapixel camera is that in this application its sensor resolution can be reduced in both directions – horizontal and vertical. As a result, the camera is able to deliver very high frame rates of up to 170,000 frames per second.