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TEL-1000 MW InSb infrared camera

Hyperspectral imaging systems company Telops has launched its newest high performance cooled infrared camera, the TEL-1000 MW InSb.

The TEL-1000 MW InSb covers the 3.6 to 4.9μm wavelength range, and can be customised to cover an extended range from 1.5 to 5μm. The camera boasts a combination of spatial resolution and frame rate and can capture up to 200fps at full frame (640 x 512 pixels) and up 600fps when windowing (320 x 256 pixels) is used.

Like the other Telops infrared cameras, it features real-time processing and real-time temperature calibration algorithms, providing either raw or thermally calibrated data in real-time without any need for external blackbodies. The camera can also be equipped with automatic exposure control in order to adjust the exposure time according to the scene's dynamic temperature variations. These options allow the Telops infrared cameras to be customised to meet very specific applications.


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