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Taurus Platform

Integrated Design Tools (IDT), a provider of digital imaging solutions, has introduced the Taurus Platform, designed for users of high-speed imaging technology that need to record longer-than-average footage. The device is compatible with the company's compact M-Series cameras, allowing 1-10 minutes of record time on a single system.

When recording long footage, users are often forced to use a disk array, which can become expensive and complicated. Fully configured for turnkey operation, the Taurus Platform's compact server writes to one card and uses Motion Studio software. Powered by the Quad Core Dual Xeon Platform, it is especially designed for long, slow-motion recordings and includes the M-Series camera. Practical applications of the Taurus Platform include laboratory use, production time analysis and optical tracking mounts.

The Taurus Platform includes the necessary camera link interface for M-Series cameras, along with a state-of-the-art, solid-state memory to achieve several minutes of recording at the maximum frame rate and resolution.


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