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Strobe Controller from Smartek

Framos is distributing the latest models within the Strobe Controller series from Smartek. The IPSC4-r2 has four parallel channels providing 10A per channel and pulses of down to 1µs. The model has a time trigger resolution of 1µs and a current pulse resolution of 1mA.

Strobe Controllers are applied to create a flash with an LED light at the exposure moment of a camera. This allows for operating LED illumination devices beyond their standard mode. Due to ultra-short but high power switching, the achieved luminance intensity can be significantly increased with reduced thermal effects for the LEDs. The controllers are ideal for demanding machine vision applications.

Furthermore the strobe controller series comes with a rich feature set: up to four parallel channels, power out interface for a cooling fan, and Ethernet or RS232 access to the controller settings.


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