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StreamPix version 8.2

NorPix, Inc., a leading developer of Digital Video Recording Software and Solutions for high speed video recording, announced today StreamPix software version 8.2 now supports OPC and the Modbus communication protocol, enabling users for the first time to configure StreamPix to record or mark video based upon events occurring during product inspection.

"Interface standardization is one of the keys to ensure the rapid design of a highly functional and reliable quality inspection system," said Luc Nocente, President of NorPix. "We are excited to give our customers the ability to easily integrate our advanced video capture capabilities to their industrial Ethernet networks, and look forward to expanding the capabilities of our OPC and Modbus integrations in the future".

Pharmaceutical manufacturers - for example - can configure StreamPix to automatically record video corresponding to any failure or other event that occurs during packaging inspection. In such an application, StreamPix software would receive immediate notification of the inspection failure via the OPC or Modbus protocols, and would store video captured both before and after the event. StreamPix can also make angle and length measurements based on captured video, and can send those values to OPC clients on the network.

Integration between PLCs, robots, and inspection systems on the factory floor with digital video recording software can assist in rapidly identifying root causes of quality inspection failures, and can improve traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process. Enabling communication between equipment from different vendors often presents challenges to the inspection system designer - challenges which are alleviated when such equipment and software adopt a standards-based approach.


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