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StreamPix biomedical software version

NorPix Inc., a leader in the development of digital video recording technology, has launched a new biomedical version of its StreamPix™ software that enables scientists to reliably track movement of laboratory rodents in order to detect activity changes arising from various environment stimulus such as lighting, sound or temperature alteration. Able to precisely synchronize exposure over multiple cameras and computers, StreamPix helps users achieve simplified, reliable and flexible video analysis of rodent movement and behavior in a range of experiments.

NorPix StreamPix provides an ideal platform for biomedical research. Unlike other software, it is compatible with virtually every type of camera and frame grabber on the market, including those based on GigE Vision, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CoaXPress standards, saving laboratories money by not requiring the purchase of specialized equipment. In all, StreamPix supports cameras and grabbers from over 200 different OEM's, along with supporting their native API's (Application Programming Interface).

Equally important in a laboratory setting, NorPix StreamPix empowers researchers to capture and synchronize video with DAQ Sensor signals such as electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), temperature and other key data points, to make analysis more precise.

As rodents are nocturnal, testing during the dark is often preferred. By using IR light the test environment remains dark for the animal, but their behavior can be monitored and tracked with IR sensitive cameras. StreamPix supports cameras with IR and NearIR light sensors, plus the software can capture IR video using triggering to save disk space. In addition, since the video is being captured at night, StreamPix lets researchers monitor the IR video remotely over URL.


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