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StreamPix software

NorPix Inc., a leader in the development of digital video recording software, today announced that it has released a new version of StreamPix with high-speed capture and recording capabilities ideally-suited to teams responsible for rapidly resolving and preventing paper break events at paper mills and printing presses.

In a system configuration ideal for paper break troubleshooting, software running on the company’s StreamPix Recording Station can capture images simultaneously from multiple cameras, using industry-standard protocols such as GigE Vision (at GigE, 10 GigE, or 25 GigE speeds), Camera Link, and CoaXPress. The system can capture images from each camera at 800 x 600 pixel resolution, at up to 1578 frames per second (fps), recording up to 189 hours of continuous image data, stored either uncompressed or in JPEG format.

StreamPix Recording Station supports multiple modes of operation, including pre/post triggering, event marking, and highly accurate timestamping.

In a typical paper break detection and troubleshooting system, the StreamPix Recording Station is connected to multiple cameras, as well as to an external Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) via Modbus TCP or OPC networked standards, or via direct DC input via a contact closure. As it supports capture of images via fiber-optic link, the StreamPix Recording Station can be placed in an IT equipment rack, safely away from the production line. The fiber-optic link also ensures that the image capture is immune to electromagnetic interference, which is commonly generated when heavy equipment is in use.

When a paper-break event is detected, StreamPix software automatically marks the event in the video recording. Teams can then easily review the pre-event and post-event video by using the slow motion and frame-by-frame playback modes present in NorPix’ software tools. A time-based correlation between captured video and external events can also be viewed by the team.

“Our powerful and feature-rich StreamPix Recording Station provides tremendous value to paper mills and printing presses,” said Luc Nocente, President of NorPix. “We are pleased to offer our customers a toolset which enables teams to quickly and accurately identify the causes of paper breaks, which helps them rapidly return their business to normal operations”.


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