Stabilised imaging system

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HoodTech Vision has introduced a high definition, four-axis stabilised electro-optic imager designed for use on unstable, moving platforms.

The system delivers 720p image quality at 30Hz frame rate. It can be housed behind an optical dome on a system weighing approximately 800 grams. This small stabilised system is ideal for high-resolution, high-magnification, daylight imaging applications.

The system features 30x optical zoom, with a standard definition 640 x 480 image delivering a 0.6 degree horizontal field of view (HFOV). It is paired with a dual AVS processing system that provides on-gimbal target tracking, motion de-jitter, image rotation, image enhancement and H.264 IP-video encoding. For added flexibility, the system is mechanically configurable for multiple platform requirements.

The new HD EO system is a follow-on to HoodTech’s recently introduced Alticam 09EO1 imaging technology, which integrates an HD sensor (on the telescope) with a spotting capability down to 0.6 degrees HFOV on a 1,280 x 720 pixel format global-shutter EO imager. The new payload is designed for general purpose imaging in all application areas where high zoom factor is coupled with an unstable mounting. Applications include manned-aircraft airborne mapping and surveillance, imaging from unstable masts and towers, and imaging from small, commercial, remotely-piloted aircraft.