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CM-030GE-RH remote head camera

JAI has introduced a new version of its 0.3 Megapixel industrial CCD remote head camera equipped with a standard GigE Vision/GenICam compliant digital interface. The CM-030GE-RH is a variation of the Power-over-Mini-Camera-Link (PMCL) introduced earlier this year by JAI.

As a member of JAI's C3 Compact series, the CM-030GE-RH is based on the 1/3-inch Sony ICX424 monochrome progressive scan CCD, with 0.3 million pixels resolution (656 x 494 active pixels). User selectable 8-bit or 10-bit monochrome digital output is provided via the GigE Vision interface.

The model is able to operate at 120fps in continuous operation. Higher frame rates can be achieved with the camera's vertical binning and partial scan modes (up to 504fps).

The small size of the camera head (φ17mm) and the 2m length of its remote head cable, make this camera suitable for space- or weight-critical machine vision applications, such as robotics, surface mounting (PCB pick-and-place), semiconductor inspection, surface inspection, and more.

Multiple trigger modes are available in addition to continuous operation, including edge pre-select, pulse width control, frame delay, and reset continuous triggering. The camera also features a sequence trigger mode which enables users to pre-define multi-trigger repeating sequences where gain, shutter, and/or region of interest (ROI) is instantly changed as each new trigger in the sequence is received.

An electronic shutter offers 10 preset speeds or user-programmable settings from 1/120 to 1/30,000 seconds in increments of 16.24µs. A built in GPIO (general purpose input-output) module features a configurable look-up table, clock generator, and pulse generators to enable users to program triggers, make gamma adjustments, and program various other features of the camera.

The CM-030GE-RH is supported by JAI's SDK and control tool software, as well as being compatible with any GigE Vision/GenICam-compliant third-party software libraries and tools.


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