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EVT has introduced the software plug-in, SolarEye, for its EyeVision software. Developed for the solar industry, the system provides a series of specialised commands for tasks, such as recognition of position, recognition of edge faults, recognition of contact areas, and detection tasks. Furthermore the software contains optional interfaces for robot access.

The extended EyeVision software offers a graphical user interface to actuate all EyeSpector cameras. The intuitive user interface allows simple configuration of new processes due to drag-and-drop programming.

SolarEye identifies defects in fabrication of solar cells, such as scratches and brink disruptions on wafers. The high-resolution cameras discover faults at an early stage with an accuracy greater than 1/100mm. The test system solves essential inspection tasks: the system detects edge disruptions, checks for correct measurements, and controls the accuracy of the size and the surface.

The system can also determine the position and rotation of solar cells for soldering. In addition, general inspection tasks can be executed, such as reading DMC, OCR/OCV and bar codes. The system offers high precision and low cost.


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