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EVT presents the new revised EyeMIO-v2. The EyeMIO is an PLC-IO-Module for industrial use. In combination with machine vision systems by EVT, it takes on the control of the peripheral devices and therefore is an interface between the image processing system and the production plant.

The EyeMIO-v2 offers four digital in- and outputs, which can be operated DC-isolated to the electronic. It has an RS232 and USB interface. Via the USB Block-Device Interface extremely fast IO requests are possible and this also directly on USB level. This advantage is speed allows it to operate or read inputs and outputs much faster. Additionally, the RS232 parameter, such as baud rate, even parity and number of stop bits can be configured individual via USB.

Each of the four digital I/Os is PWM compatible. In addition, the EyeMIO-v2 can also be configured with the EyeMIO Manager on customer request.

A once configured EyeMIO keeps its data and can be integrated into a production plant. This advantage offers a maximum in flexibility. Also, the revised arrangement of LEDs makes it easier to check errors or the communication.

The new EyeMIO additionally has a AES128 Crypto Chip with a one-off serial number and the possibility to use it for the licensing.

EVT also presents with ChipEye 5Side the ChipControl command set with 5 side inspection as a complete system.

In addition to the software solution ChipControl, which contains a specialized command set for the inspection of various semiconductor parts, EVT now has developed the ready-to-use system ChipEye 5Side, which can be built into the machine.

Therefore one can solve a large variety of applications with the already well proven commands. Hereunto one can inspect Pin 1, coplanarity, scratches, and many more.

With the 5 sided slot in ChipEye, a component part can be captured with the camera and evaluated by the software from five different sides at the same time – top side and four flanks. The robust body of the slot and the powerful camera with resolutions from 640 x 480 to 1448 x 2050 pixel allows it to detect even the smallest defects and to measure e.g. the pin gap accurate to a micrometer.

Depending on the application the function range of the software can be adapted to the task, so that e.g. a special vision sensor for coplanarity is created. This vision sensor can be purchased as a complete system under the name ChipEye Coplanarity.

This system then contains the illumination, the lens and camera and of course the software. The parametrization of the system is based on an easy drag-and-drop solution, as it is already known from the EVT EyeVision software.

Moreover the engine driver has the possibility to use an integrated WebServer to control the inspection and vernier adjustments. With the WebServer one can control and modify the parameters from any browser.



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