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Silicon Software has released SmartApplets hardware programming as a partial solution for applications for its V-series frame grabbers.

SmartApplets are different to onboard image enhancements or image corrections. They covers complex image preprocessing, segmentation or classification tasks, which are processed on the board FPGA in real-time and with a high algorithmic quality. Therefore, applications are accelerated and the load of the host CPU significantly reduced.

SmartApplets accelerate applications such as object segmentation with blob analysis, application pre-stage with complex adaptive threshold, classification through colour lookup tables, compression on single images or even profile processing for measurement applications by laser triangulation.

Supported frame grabber boards of the V-series cover microEnable IV-series based on PCI Express with Camera Link or Gigabit Ethernet interface. SmartApplets are ready to run and only need to be configured after initialisation of the frame grabber.


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