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GigE Vision-based camera systems

In collaboration with Pleora Technologies and Framos, Silicon Software now offers tailored components and engineering services to develop GigE Vision-based camera systems with embedded programmable image processing functions.

An iPort NTx-Pro video transmitter from Pleora is paired with a Silicon Software vision processor module. Individual image processing functions can be designed using VisualApplets, a graphical FPGA programming environment, or can be selected from off-the-shelf image processing libraries. For sensor selection and integration, and for creation of customised functionality, the highly respected engineering services of Framos are available.

This unique combination of components and services provides a development capability tailored to the creation of pre-programmed and user-programmable GigE Vision compliant smart cameras, where image processing is performed on a powerful FPGA platform.

Image processing modules are available off-the-shelf to meet a variety of requirements. Furthermore, the scalability of the processing system makes it possible to implement customised functionality, from sensor-specific functions such as image corrections and high-quality Bayer colour reconstruction, to application-related functions such as 3D laser triangulation and colour classification. The FPGA-based hardware platform guarantees that images are processed and transmitted in real-time, even with high-speed sensors.

Distribution of all components and services are offered by Framos.


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