SI LUX640 laser illumination system

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Specialised Imaging, working in conjunction with Cavitar, announces the SI LUX640 laser illumination system - a new innovation to improve the accuracy and sensitivity of high-speed video, ultra high-speed framing camera, Schleiren imaging and Shadowgraph systems.

The SI-LUX640 is based upon proprietary pulsed high-power diode laser illumination technology, which can illuminate an object up to a million times a second. The pulsed light power is typically several hundreds of watts, and the brightness is far greater than with LED light sources. The light pulses produced by the SI-LUX640 are so powerful and short that they can provide precise frozen images of transient events of just 100's of nanoseconds duration.  The intense light emitted by the SI-LUX640 laser illumination system can also be transferred to target object through an integral 2 metre  fibre optic cable. This enables the illumination of even objects and processes that are hard to access.

Incorporating a class 4 laser the SI LUX 640 is our first laser illumination system to offer high power, programmable pulse width in a small lightweight package. Low coherence laser light output and extensive triggering facilities allows the SI-LUX640 to be readily interfaced to almost any high-speed camera system with minimal speckle or fringe effects.