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Swept Light Source

AMS Technologies has launched a 200kHz Swept Light Source for optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging, aimed at reducing the impact of diagnostic imaging on patients.

The light source uses a high-speed light deflector and high-speed wavelength swept variable laser technology, both developed for usage in telecommunications. This is currently the fastest type of light source commercially available.

The wavelength used is in the 1.3μm band, the band used for OCT-based examination of the coronary arteries.

In addition to the high-speed sweep at 200kHz, the product features a wavelength sweep span larger than 100nm, average light output of 15mW, and coherence length longer than 7mm.

OCT systems that incorporate this product can take high-resolution cross-sectional images of living tissue at high speed.

AMS says this feature could reduce the time required to complete an examination and also broaden the application of OCT systems such as innovative medical diagnosis using real-time 3D imaging and clinical study applications in the field of R&D.


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