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Adaptor for Canon EF lenses

To assist with the use of auto focus lenses on machine vision cameras, SVS-Vistek has introduced the SVS-EF, an innovative new adaptor device supporting Canon® EF and EF-S motorized auto focus lenses. Slim and simple to install, the SVS-EF adapter is compatible with SVS-Vistek EXO, FXO and HR Series industrial cameras.

Typically, machine vision systems use cameras equipped with fixed lenses that do not allow adjustments to their focal length, angle of view, or level of zoom. These limitations can seriously curtail the camera's versatility. By installing the SVS-EF and a Canon EF lens, the camera automatically adapts to a changing variety of objects under inspection featuring different sizes and shapes, even at the highest resolutions and fastest conveyor speeds. Complex robotic inspection systems also benefit from SVS-EF technology, since a faster imaging response significantly reduces travel times of the robot arm.

Integrating cameras and adapters can be difficult. Adapters may not match the camera or additional proprietary drivers have to be installed, increasing complexity. With the SVS-EF adapter, however, all components are compatible, no additional hardware or software is required, and the GenIcam interface overcomes differences with communication protocols and technologies.


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