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TM Robotics has launched a new Toshiba Machine Scara robot in the UK and European markets. Called the TH250A, it offers improved speed compared to existing robots in the range, providing quicker cycle times with high levels of accuracy. The new, more cost-effective, model has a much more advanced visual system than previous models.

The robot will find applications in electronics, plastics, packaging, pharmaceutical, automotive component handling. It could be used to place and package small components or to handle laboratory equipment.

 The new SCARA features absolute encoders, eliminating the need for a home return function. It also includes a payload of up to 3kg and repeatability of +/-0.01mm. The robot is also attractive to look at, with a simple and clean design.

The TH250A features a built in PLC to control I/O equipment. It can be programmed using a ladder sequence program and, as an option, can feature devicenet or Profi-bus connectivity.


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