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SC-3 scanner

Electro-Optical Products Corporation (EOPC) has developed the SC-3, a miniature electromagnetically-driven moving mirror device, which deflects a light beam with a continuous sinusoidal motion.

The SC-3's mirror size is what differentiates the product from MEMS-based scanners. A mirror in a MEMS-based scanner is typically 1 x 1mm, whereas EOPC's technology offers 6mm diameter, 7 x 7mm and 12 x 7mm size mirrors.

The low cost scanner is an excellent tool to be used in imaging instruments and fits emerging trends of building smaller, portable and handheld systems that are more affordable and less expensive.

Resonant scanners are used in applications including industrial inspection, automation, security, traffic and logistics, sorting, recycling, ophthalmic imaging, and many others. EOPC manufactures a comprehensive line of standard and custom resonant scanners that can also be used in a raster scanning x-y system.


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