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IMX253/255, IMX304/305 and IMX267 sensors

With 8.9MP and 12.3MP, SONY is expanding its PREGIUS range with two new high resolution sensor groups. The sensors IMX253/255 and IMX304/305 as well as IMX267 are characterized by a pixel size of 3,45µm, which is the smallest available in the market today. Thanks to the same casing and pin layout, they are compatible. These different sensor versions focus on industrial applications, ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems) and security and are available in a variety of price ranges.

Anna Neschitsch, Line Manager for SONY sensors at FRAMOS explains “All new SONY sensors are characterized by very low noise, a high dynamic range as well as a high quantum efficiency of more than 65%. They integrate perfectly in the PREGIUS range and will win you over with additional features for specific areas of application.”

ITS, machine vision and security – features of the individual sensor models

The 1.1" IMX253 with 12MP achieves 65 frames per second at a pixel depth of 10bit, and supports external trigger control, up to 64 independent ROIs (Regions of Interest) as well as additional interesting features. This means it is very suited for industrial machine vision applications. The IMX255 with 8.9MP and a sensor size of 1" is 4K2K capable. 

The IMX304 low-speed versions with 12MP with a sensor size of 1.1" and 23fps, as well as the IMX267 with 8.9MP with a sensor size of 1" and 32fps are mainly suitable for ITS applications with a large field of vision. They also prove their advantages in slower MV applications. The IMX305, as a color sensor with 8.9MP with a size of 1" and 64fps, is particularly suitable for 4K2K GS video applications, thanks to its speed and price. 

FRAMOS – Services from the sensor to the system

With over 35 years of experience providing imaging products, services and solutions, FRAMOS supports its customers in the integration of these new sensors in their applications and projects. When choosing a sensor, one must take into consideration that the lower cost PREGIUS sensors in particular support fewer operating modes such as the 12 bit mode, and only one ROI or they are available only as color or monochrome versions. 

FRAMOS also provides all customers with relevant evaluation kits to help with quick commissioning using the register settings. If required, FRAMOS also offers its own Reference Design Kits (RDKs) that contain basic software sources for the activation of the sensor, in addition to the headboard design.


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