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Sapera Processing software

Dalsa has introduced its latest Sapera Processing software, including a new colour tool – a suite of colour image processing classes for machine vision applications.

The suite includes a series of optimised colour space conversion functions supporting RGB, YUV, HSV and LAB formats. Split and merge functions are also available for plane-by-plane processing. A set of basic image processing operators such as thresholding, histogram, projections, statistics, clustering, and colour reduction are also included, along with a colour correction algorithm trained from a standardised colour chart and used to compensate for different lighting conditions. Finally, a colour classifier trained from a series of colour samples and used to separate colour regions of an image is supplied. Coupled with a blob analyser, it is used to inspect colour images in areas such as food inspection and pharmaceutical.

The colour tool provides both C++ and .NET interface and is supported under Architect, a GUI-based prototyping application based on Sapera Processing API.


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