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Falcon2 Color

Teledyne Dalsa has released a colour version of its Falcon2 high performance area scan camera series. The colour Falcon2 incorporates the company's CMOS imaging technology making these cameras ideal for: more detailed electronic component and food inspection, street mapping, medical applications, 3D colour imaging in industrial applications (PCB inspection) and digital cinema.

The cameras have fast frame rates, excellent image quality, and true global shutter operation. The 4M and 8M Falcon2 cameras come with selectable aspect ratios. All three models in the series are mechanically rugged and are thermally stable and thus do not require external heat sinks. The Falcon2 Color cameras are supplied with embedded image processing, including FFC correction and pixel responsivity adjustment. The series includes: the 4M colour version, delivering 4 Megapixels at 168fps; the 8M colour model, with 8 Megapixels at 90fps; and the Falcon2 12M Color, delivering 12 Megapixels at 58fps.


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