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Salamander housing series

Autovimation has developed the new, IP67-protected Salamander housing series for small compact cameras with cross sections between 29 x 46 and 36 x 36mm. Measuring only 66 x 66mm, the housings are suitable for installation in tight spaces. Just like the Gecko housing series, Salamander housings are available with various lengths starting at 130mm.

Thanks to a patented quick lock and heat guide system, cameras can be easily installed in the housing. These mounting elements also serve to dissipate the heat generated by the installed camera, thus effectively cooling it. Conduit tubes and separable cable glands allow for the waterproof insertion of cables with various connectors and a maximum diameter of 23mm into the housing. Within the housing, the camera can be positioned anywhere along its central axis and at any required angle. A wide range of mounting brackets allows users to adapt the camera installation to any application.

Salamander housings are based on the standardised 'Mechanical Machine Vision Interface' developed by autoVimation, which allows for all compatible image processing components to be connected directly with the housing. This does away with the time-consuming manufacturing of dedicated light holders. The Salamander mounting block is available as an alternative for compact cameras in applications where no IP protection is required.


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