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Salamander and Orca enclosures

autoVimation now offers sun roofs for Salamander and Orca enclosures dimensioned for different housing lengths. Conventional CCTV enclosures are oftentimes not suitable for powerful image processing cameras, because of poor heat dissipation. Most devices must not be operated above 50° C camera temperature – yet some models without a protective housing already reach this  level at 25° C ambient temperature. In CCTV housing cameras can heat up even more. Installation in a Salamander or Orca housing lowers camera temperature by up to 20° C simply through their excellent passive cooling, allowing for use in hot ambient conditions.

The new solar roofs made from reflective stainless steel now enable operation in direct sunlight as well. because the major part of the heat radiation is reflected. Robust, heat-resistant plastic brackets ensure that the thermal energy is not transmitted from the roof to the protective housing. In addition, the sun roof can be freely positioned longitudinally.

Sufficient space for autoVimation's controlled heating plate remains between roof and housing. This, in combination with the new sun roof, ensures year-round operation of machine vision cameras in temperate climates. For tropical areas autoVimation continues to provide the worldwide proven Turtle housing with active Peltier Cooling. 


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