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Quality Perception Benchmarking service

The Flemish Innovation Centre for Graphic Communication (VIGC) has launched a unique image-based Quality Perception Benchmarking service, which enables users to make objective comparisons of print jobs, such as reprints of books, advertisements in different magazines, different versions of packaging, etc.

The VIGC Quality Perception Benchmark is based on seven parameters that are relevant to visual perception of quality. Measurements are based on images in the print job, which means control strips are not necessary. VIGC's methodology marks a significant step forward in benchmarking the quality of print jobs.

The system is based on parameters that are important for image perception, such as dynamic range. The organisation devised a measuring methodology to get an objective assessment of these visual parameters. Differences in visual parameters between multiple samples can be related to one or more printing parameters, such as density or print contrast.

VIGC has made its Quality Perception Benchmark service available to all companies interested in an objective quality benchmark for printed jobs. The service will be particularly appealing to companies that make reprints and are confronted by differences between two versions. Another target audience is advertisers that publish in multiple media. Brand owners that print their packaging at multiple sites are also likely to be interested in the service, as it will provide them with an objective assessment of different versions.

A crucial factor in the service is that all tested parameters relate to printing parameters. In its assessment report, the VIGC does not only show whether samples conform or differ, but also it states what could cause the differences.


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