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MRS-2000L video receiving system

Elbit Systems and Sigint Elisra has released the latest generation MRS-2000L, an all digital, rugged, transportable video receiving system for defence applications. The device provides a precise situational awareness picture build up of a battlefield, giving a 'beyond-the next-hill” view of the enemy at stand-off range. By bringing mission critical information to the front, the MRS-2000L enables tactical forces to make the most of real-time information, while assuring maximum accuracy and safety.

Used as a standalone, deployable UAV passive ground system or an add-on to a C4I (optional), the device receives, processes and displays real-time video imagery and telemetry data arriving from UAVs and generates an intuitive and correlated image-to-map display.

Commanders, FACs and FOs in the field are thus able to make mission-critical decisions based on a complete and constantly updated situation awareness picture. Video recordings and still images can be stored in the hard disk for further off-line processing and debriefing purposes. Multiple users can access the MRS-2000L database, through a LAN porter USB memory stick, in order to process these images.


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