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Core optical high-speed gauging system

Wenzel ScanTec has launched Core, a flexible optical high-speed gauging system. Core is designed to measure production parts with short inspection cycle times.

The system has a compact footprint and can be operated with minimum training. The measurements are traceable to the ISO 10360-n industry standards and the system offers reliable and repeatable results.

The centre drive linear motors provide scanning speeds up to 750mm/s. The double eye, innovative, scanning optical sensor (BTR technology) has the capability of measuring reflective and polished surfaces. Its large stand-off and measuring range minimises machine motion, further optimising cycle times.

The sensor can measure accurately with an angle of approach down to 85° from the surface with no loss of performance. The cosine errors associated with tactile probe systems, caused by measuring complex surfaces away from their surface nominal, are eliminated providing optimal system accuracy.

Core utilises the I++ DME interface allowing the unit to be supplied with a choice of software. Standard offerings include the benchmark Metrosoft Quartis from Wenzel Metromec and the OpenDMIS software. The comprehensive analysis software Win3DS from Wenzel ScanTec can be supplied for the dedicated inspection of turbine blades.

The servo-controlled CNC swivel wrist, with integral high resolution rotary encoder, offers a full 180° rotation providing complete dexterity when combined with rotary table motion. This allows a full five-axis simultaneous motion for measurement of the most complex geometry parts.

Core has been designed for standalone use or integration into production cells. It can be interfaced with an industrial robot for loading and unloading.


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