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Vinspec Solar

Vitronic's camera-based Vinspec Solar system, which automatically checks the quality of photovoltaic components throughout production, now inspects 150 different types of solar cell thanks to a recent upgrade as part of a customer project.

Solar cells differ significantly in terms of size, shape, colour or imprint. To inspect them automatically demands a flexible system. Most types of solar cells are taught-in to inspection systems on module production lines. Vitronic has now taught Vinspec Solar to inspect 150 different types of solar cell.

Vinspec Solar allow the automated in-line quality inspection of wafers (raw cells without prints or colours), solar cells, and complete modules. The system detects flaws such as micro cracks, corner and edge breakages, print defects, and contour/colour/texture deviations.

This ensures that only good solar cells are processed into modules, reduces the rejection quota and triggers other processes such as automated sorting by colour classes. Moreover, automatic inspection is robust and secure.

Companies can use the data collected by Vinspec Solar to provide information on the process chain and identify areas for optimisation.


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