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Pylon Driver

Basler has released the first Linux version of its Pylon Driver. This driver package is designed to operate with all Basler GigE Vision cameras. Because of the platform-independent design of Pylon's core, all well-known elements of the Windows driver package can be found in this new Linux version as well. This includes, among others, the GigE Vision Filter Driver, the C++ camera API, and the familiar Pylon Viewer applications.

The Basler pylon driver for Linux can operate with the Basler Scout and Basler Pilot area scan cameras as well as with the Basler Runner line scan camera family. One hundred per cent compatibility with the GenICam standard provides the benefit of a unified C++ camera API for both area and line scan cameras. Because of the generic driver design approach, new camera features such as the IO-Debouncer or Auto-Exposure feature will be imminently accessible without any software updates.

The Basler Pylon GigE Vision Driver quickly separates incoming packets carrying image data from other traffic on the network and makes the data available for vision applications. The Basler Pylon GigE Vision driver for Linux finds the right balance of less CPU resource requirements and system independences. The driver package supports various types of hardware, including GigE ports on the motherboard. Additionally, a wide range of Linux versions for x86-hardware is supported.

The included Basler Pylon Viewer application provides a quick and convenient means to test and evaluate Basler cameras. A tree structure incorporated into the Viewer's graphical interface lets users easily find the best camera parameter setup, adjust image quality, and control the camera's advanced functionality and features.

Comprehensive documentation and sample programs will minimise the user's learning time for the Basler Pylon Driver package.


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