PolarCam snapshot micropolariser camera

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4D Technology Corporation, manufacturer of optical measurement systems, has introduced a new line of polarisation cameras for image enhancement, stress measurement, polarimetry and other applications.

The PolarCamTM snapshot micropolarizer camera simultaneously captures four polarization states in each video frame, enabling a range of image enhancement techniques and polarimetric measurements. Compact, fast and field-proven, these unique cameras serve applications in process control, medical imaging, remote sensing and more.

The new PolarCam models utilize CMOS technology sensors, enabling up to 164 frames/second imaging rate at 1700 x 1200 pixel resolution. A high-resolution model captures 3.8MP frames for detailed analysis of polarization even in fast-changing scenes. Customizable regions of interest make it possible to process a subset of the acquired pixels, resulting in frame rates in the kilohertz range.

Optional PolarViewTM software provides real-time display and calculation of key polarisation parameters, including Degree and Angle of Linear Polarization, S0, S1 and S2 Stokes parameters, and an Enhanced Polarization Image. Use the many included tools to process and analyse the data, then save images and movies of any parameter to disk for comprehensive analysis. A Software Development Kit is also available for custom analysis.

Applications include: image enhancement, birefringence measurement, industrial monitoring, stress and strain characterisation, 3D reconstruction, medical imaging and autonomous vehicle vision.