Allwinner system on modules

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iENSO, provider of embedded imaging and wireless solutions, announced today the launch of Allwinner SOMs (System on Modules). The product line is initially being rolled out with the V3, A83 and A40i based solutions with more expected later this year as the company executes on its roadmap.

The Allwinner SOMs are meant to help companies accelerate the design process by allowing faster integration paths for image sensors as well as for various peripheral technologies such as wireless and displays.

The series delivers exceptional performance based on an Allwinner System-on-Chip multimedia application processor with 8-core, quad-core and single-core ARM CortexTM A7 architectures. These compact SOMs use industry-standard connection interfaces for robust and cost-effective integration into embedded systems.

The SOMs are being launched with numerous imaging and wireless modules that incorporate the Sony IMX317, IMX326, IMX274, the Omnivision OV8865, the OnSemi AR0521, AR0144, AR0130, the Silicon Optronics JX-F22, JX-K02 as well as wireless modules that incorporate the Quectel BG96, BG95, EC21A, EC21V and EG91NA series modules.

“We believe that our Allwinner SOM ecosystem will allow powerful embedded processing for customers who require wireless, display and image processing.” says iENSO CTO Stelio Derventzis. “When combined with iENSO’s extensive integration experience, we believe that this new SOM ecosystem can be leveraged to reduce costs, risks and design time for markets such as home robotics & automation, security & surveillance as well as autonomous vehicles”

“Over the next 12 months, iENSO will continue to introduce modules to its ecosystem that will allow customers to reduce complexities tied to the integration of SoCs and peripherals into their next product,” says iENSO Vice President Engineering Mike Liwak. “We believe Allwinner’s cost-effective solutions will introduce a whole new dynamic for companies looking for innovative product design in NA and Europe.”

The panel discussion at Embedded World in June. Credit: VDMA and Framos

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