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3D Camera Toolkit

Chromasens is now offering a 3D Camera Toolkit that allows for easy integration and application development of its 3DPIXA stereo camera within National Instruments LabVIEW environment. The toolkit includes several examples of how to interface Chromasens 3DPIXA cameras and access the 3D data and color images. The examples serve as excellent starting points for application development.

An invaluable resource for LabVIEW users, the toolkit allows for: easy integration and access of images and data from the 3DPIXA camera; calibration of 3D data and rectifying of color image simultaneously; obtaining 3D data in real time using graphic boards; use of a complete set of VIs to access the full functionality of the CS-3D-API; and capturing of images within LabVIEW using an NI frame grabber.

The factory-calibrated Chromasens 3DPIXA stereo camera provides the stereo images via CameraLink. Users can connect the camera to the PC with the NI PCIe-1433 CameraLink frame grabber. The Chromasens 3D Camera Toolkit provides VIs for easy access to the height image, the rectified color image, and the 3D point cloud. For feature extraction and 3D image processing, users can combine the VIs in the toolkit with the 3D/2D image processing tools within LabVIEW.

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