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Ocean Thin Films has introduced its Pixelcam, which is a snapshot multispectral camera for shortwave infrared (SWIR) analysis from 700-1,700nm.

The camera produces images by simultaneously acquiring four or more standard and custom spectral bands, enabling extraction of spectral information not noticeable with panchromatic SWIR devices. This feature makes the Pixelcam useful for applications in biomedical imaging, process control and high-contrast security and surveillance environments.

PixelTec’s micro-patterned optical coating technology has been combined with SWIR area sensor cameras, manufactured by Sensors Unlimited of UTC Aerospace Systems. Dichroic filter arrays are aligned directly over corresponding pixels in the imaging array for optimal spectral and spatial resolution. Standard Pixelcam cameras come preconfigured with three and four bands, and custom cameras are available with additional application-specific bands.


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