Piranha XL and Xtium CLHS

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The availability of the Camera Link HS-compatible Piranha XL CMOS TDI line scan camera and Xtium CLHS frame grabbers has been announced by Teledyne Dalsa, a Teledyne Technologies company.

With the CLHS interface, the Piranha XL 16k monochrome camera offers the latest multi-line CMOS TDI technology, delivering speed and responsivity with low noise in a compact design. Employing Teledyne Dalsa's CMOS sensor architecture, the camera delivers 125kHz line rate, and up to 2GB/s data throughput with a single CX4 cable.

The Xtium CLHS PX4 and PX8 are PCIe Gen 2 frame grabbers built for high-speed, high-bandwidth cameras, and combine reliability and performance with up to seven data lanes to capture aggregate data rates of 2.1GB/s and sustained host transfer bandwidth of more than 3.2GB/s (using Xtium-CLHS PX8).

Fully supported by Sapera LT software, the frame grabbers feature multi-board synchronisation and built-in capability to re-distribute incoming images at maximum camera speeds to as many as six additional frame grabbers. This enables distributed image processing across multiple computers.